Mar. 20th, 2007

...and I decided to post a couple of thoughts I had about the defining characteristics of geeks.
Point 1: Geeks tend to obsess about something.
Point 2: Geeks are intelligent and/or extraordinarily talented with said obsession.
Point 2a: If geeks ever chose to focus their mind on the present and work together, things would change very quickly.
Point 3: Fortunately or unfortunately, geeks do not have their mind on the present. They have thier minds in the future, the past, an alternate universe, or a fantasy world.
Point 4: Following from the previous point, geeks spend so much time in their heads that they don't remember such minor details as ordinary human interaction and thinking before speaking.
Point 5: The stereotype that geeks are unattractive may or may not be linked to point four, but it does confuse the good-looking geeks or those who hang around good-looking geeks.
Point 6: Fangirls and geeks are not necessarily the same thing. A fangirl obsesses over a person, real or imaginary, but need not have a brain or any special skills. This lack can be a good thing for those who fangirl real people. I know fangirl geeks, but I would not go so far as to say that a geek must be a fangirl or a fangirl must be a geek.

Thoughts? Objections? Additional points to make?



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