I had a bit of an inspiration about how to cut across the transition in Harry's Secrets. So, this is a glimpse of the pack's mindsets during the four weeks that Harry and Ron aren't talking to Hermione.
A Transition in Five Parts
The Cub )
The Bookworm )
The Dog )
The Weasel )
The Wolf )
And the next scene I write for this should be when Harry and Ron talk to Hermione. We'll see if I can manage that.
OK...I'm really not convinced that this bit is very good. The problem is, my well-written scenes in this story--the ones I've thought through a lot before writing--are coming up, but I have to get to them.
The main problem, I think, is that Sirius wants to be inspirational now, so Remus (always quiet anyway) is overridden, and Harry doesn't have anything new to say until I get him talking to Hermione again. But Sirius isn't supposed to show up for this part!
Anyway, as per terms of my own bet, here's what I wrote yesterday. I'm hoping to improve today:
Learning to Fight Dementors )
Today was "catch-up day". I was on the train, so I had time to write enough to catch up to the amount of words I'd have today if I had written 1667 words per day all month. As a result, I have three different story-bits to share, two of which I'm rather fond of.
Sirius has been on my mind a lot lately, alternately as Insane!Sirius and Alpha!Sirius, both of which I need for my Harry's Secrets story. He didn't want me to write Harry's Secrets today until I cooperated and wrote him, so I gave in for the sake of actually writing something and this was the result (I promise, it's not quite as bad as the title suggests--I'd rate it PG-13):
Exsanguination, or, How to Right a Horrible Wrong )

Then I finally managed to settle down and focus on Harry's Secrets, at least briefly. I ended with a good lead-in to tomorrow's scene, but I just couldn't inspire myself to write it today.
On Being a Werewolf Cub )
Finally, Snape decided to intervene. I let him because it would be interesting to see how to write someone who hates my main characters, just to see through someone else's eyes. Maybe, eventually, I'll even be able to write villains. For now, though, just petty insults. This scene is set in my Harry's Secrets universe, sometime in OoP or HBP, probably in Grimmauld Place.
Wolfsbane Scene )

As a side note, why can't I move all this negativity into the story where I need it? "Harry's Secret" is supposed to be negative and untrusting, and all I can do is pump all of that elsewhere. How do I move it?
Finishing up winter break...next should be a Dementor lesson, and if not included, assume I decided it was superfluous. We should be getting to some pre-written scenes very soon.
The beginning of winter )
And we have more "Harry's Secrets"...not as much as I expected, though. Never believe me when I set myself deadlines.
Christmas Day, Part Two )
Day Twenty-One was the day before traveling, and in packing and movie-watching and the like I only had time for a brief poem:
Make of this what you will )
Day 23 and 24 are a story about Lily and James. It's not very good, but there are bits of it that please me greatly, so I might work on improving it in December. It stretches a bit longer than I intended because I was having trouble with endings, so I'll return to Harry's Secrets today.
Becoming Part of the Pack )
And that brings us up to today. More postage will occur later today, or perhaps tomorrow, but for now, enjoy the above offerings.
Despite my disappearance over the last few days, I have actually been writing. I skipped Day 16 due to exhaustion. Day 17 and Day 18 were part of Harry's Secrets--I'll post them as soon as I bridge the gap between what I've already posted in them and the scenes that I wrote. Probably that will happen today or tomorrow, but no guarantees. Day 19 is a story about my character in Roma Imperius, the RPG I'm playing that is set in an alternate-history Roman empire. This actually is postable, so here we go (and feel free to ask any questions if it doesn't make sense):
Resting in Peace )

Day Twenty is from Harry's Secrets. It comes right after Christmas Eve, Part One, which I posted last time I posted anything.
In Which Harry finds Proof that Black is a Werewolf, and there are Presents. )
Day 21 and on will come in the next post.
So I meant to write more Harry's Secret, I did. But I was distracted by the idea that prompted this:
Remus's view of Sirius, at three points )

I did get a bit of Harry's Secrets in--this one's pretty free-floating and unimportant. Should be more (and a more functional scene) next time:
Christmas Eve Part One )
I can already say I've seen at least one benefit of this month. Most of this is bad--I wrote it as a transition, and transitions are by their nature wimpy. At least mine are. I fully intend to ignore the whole thing and rewrite it completely. But the last section, the one I wrote just to fill out the word count--all of a sudden the plot gets reinforced.
If anyone's curious--Hermione knows some of the truth, and is a little edgy about Remus as a result, and is trying to let Harry know. But Harry's dense. Anyway, the scene )
Somehow I forgot yesterday was day 12, so I have two day 11s, but oh, well. I couldn't quite focus on "Harry's Secrets" today, and I was in a bit of an odd mood, so I wrote this instead. A note: Ambrose means "love returned".
From a Lover to a Beloved )

I was still under the word count and wanted to write more and not neglect "Harry's Secrets" entirely, so I wrote this:
Scars )
Here we go...an update to Harry's Secrets (which tries to explain some of Harry's earlier conclusions and behavior), and a completely random children's story-type-thing.
Monsters )

And, from one of the story ideas developed in October, I present to you:
Fibonnacci's Bunnies )
Ok, these scenes all come from the same day, the day of the December Hogsmeade visit when Harry finds out the "truth" about Sirius. Yes, I know his conclusions in the first part are a bit weak. I'm going to work on it, but the main reason for it is that Harry is a confused teenage boy. He will also receive "proof" soon, don't worry. But for now:
Confusion, the Willow, and Sanity )
Going back to my main story. This is actually a transitional bit, linking two more plot-heavy sections about a month apart.
The characters here are undermotivated, I know, but I have a plan to make them more so. Being a transitional scene, I'm going to have to make it work harder, add more tension. I have a Plan.
Several weeks later )
I'm posting less than usual today, and this post is completely random, but I'm exhausted, and still above projected word count up until today. I'll write more and better tomorrow.
A random idea )
Couldn't quite figure out the next Harry and Remus scene just yet--they weren't talking. However, Sirius was, so the one part of my writing today that was in chronological order is his view of Halloween.
If this makes no sense, don't worry. Sirius is fairly insane. It's not supposed to.
Halloween Hunting )
This is actually in three parts: Parts one and two I combined--a scene I wrote a while ago for my Harry's Secret story and edited yesterday, and the follow-up, which I wrote today. Just as a note, this scene was one of the first I wrote for this story, one of the inspirations for it following the path it did.
I skipped over Sirius's attack on Hallowe'en and the aftermath of that. I might go back and rewrite it later, but I'm not sure yet what I'd accomplish with that scene and whose POV to write it in, so I'm skipping it for now. Maybe tomorrow. I also skipped the very first part of the Snape scene, where he introduces that the topic is werewolves, calls Hermione a know-it-all, and Ron yells at Snape for refusing to listen when she knows the answer and gets a detention.
The second part of this is in Hermione's POV. The intent was to create an effect of Harry as "other"--I'm not sure it worked all that well.

Harry's Secret: Snape's DADA Lesson )

This third part is a short, unconnected piece to round out today's word count (because part two of the above wasn't long enough).
Watching People While They Sleep )
Less today. I've actually written more, but most of it was editing the next scene in Harry's Secrets, which was one of the first I wrote, so I can't count that towards my NaNo word count. However, that sets me up for the next two scenes, so look forward to seeing them sometime tomorrow.
In the meantime, here's a short story for today, based on Chala's suggestion, "How Kit Kats Got Their Name." Loosely based.

How Kit Kats got their name, or One Poor Kitten )
This story might require a bit of explanation. You guys know that I'm taking a lot of my unfinished stories and attempting to finish them or get a lot closer this month. This story I've been known to call my "Paladin" story. Here is a section of part three of the story arc. The necessary backstory:
Pelerine is a paladin and a divine champion, Lareli is a mage, and David's Lareli's familiar. They are currently in the midst of a war against the demons that's been building for a while. The world is based, in a lot of ways, on our world. Religion is more important there, though, in a D&D importance level. However, I haven't fleshed out all of the religious beliefs yet. There are a number of athiests, but David's atheism is weird because he has personal experience with deities and still refuses to worship them. There are reasons for this. Most of the overall story will be in David's first-person POV, but this starts with Lareli third-person. If you have any more questions, feel free to post them--there's a lot of backstory here that I haven't said.
Enough babbling, onto the story )
A bit of angst, a bit of humor. A bit of yesterday's writing and a bit of today's...and I'm returning to my AU PoA for the second day of NaNoWriMo.
This was all written in one draft--I'll edit all of this next month, and flesh out the middle bits, I promise. Hence, constructive criticism comments will be welcomed for next month.
The First DADA Lesson and Hallowe'en )
Prompt: I am going to write at least one page a day all month in honor of NaNoWriMo (I nearly typed NaNoWriteMore there). Today, I have over two pages. This is in response to Chala's prompt: "pirates". Enjoy!

November: A Pirate's Tale )
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