Nov. 6th, 2007

It's that time again (actually, several days late, but anyway...)
For those who weren't here last year, this is how it goes: My NaNo-writing will be a combination of short stories and expanding on longer stories I'm trying to write. As the month goes on, I'll post my daily writings for comments, suggested edits, etc. for December. Exceptions: I won't post if what I wrote does nothing more than add to wordcount (ie, it's terrible and I had no inspiration), or if it's a spoiler for one of my longer stories. What longer story? I have several nominally in progress, but this year it will primarily be my "Harry's Secrets" story from last year, with a change: I'm rewriting it to be mostly from Remus's POV in the hope that it will come out better. Hence, the title is inaccurate and most of the scenes you saw last year no longer apply.
Sorry for the long explanation--I'm just posting it because I wanted to make sure anyone watching my journal was up to speed. Let the stories commence!
I'm not posting day 1 at present, because it is the start of a longer story that I'm not sure I'll continue. If I decide to continue, I'll clean it up and post it.
I'm not posting day 2 because it is both unfinished and the premise is shaky. My objections to my first two days are really a complete lack of inspiration. Day 3 set out to mend that.
So, here we are starting with Day 3, a scene from early in my story formerly-named "Harry's Secrets". [I'm open to suggestions for new titles]
Standard Disclaimer: this is a fanfic. Anything familiar does not belong to me.

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