My plane leaves early tomorrow morning, and I'm spending most of my time on a dig site near a small town in Norfolk. Therefore, effective now until the end of the month, I will be out of communications range. Have a great month, everyone, and I'll see you all when I get back.
If you want to contact me, leave a comment here or e-mail me and I'll get in touch with you as soon as I'm back.


Jun. 4th, 2007 09:46 pm
Thank you, Kaiya, thankyouthankyouthank you for posting for me. If I hadn't been able to get the drabble up in time...well, I'm glad I did.
Just came back from fencing to the news of...well, see above. LDWS is a competition I'm involved in.
If you feel like it, please post the following below:
1. If you could have any single, limited supernatural power, what would it be? Optionally, why? [By limited I mean no "I would be a god".]
2. If you could curse someone in any way, what would you do? This could be a specific person whom you really want to hurt, or just your preferred method of harming your enemies.
3. [Suggested by sablemoonsilk] How practical is your power in the present-day world?
4. [Suggested by chalavienne] What would you use the power for? And if you did have the power to curse your enemies thusly, would you?
5. What other question would fit on this list?
Feel free to post this on your own journals--and see my answers--add to it, subtract from it, etc.
I may use one of your ideas to break out of my current state of writer's block, but if so I will ask your permission in advance.

Edit: Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Now this is turning into a proper meme.

Why not?

May. 2nd, 2007 08:33 pm
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you.
...and I decided to post a couple of thoughts I had about the defining characteristics of geeks.
Point 1: Geeks tend to obsess about something.
Point 2: Geeks are intelligent and/or extraordinarily talented with said obsession.
Point 2a: If geeks ever chose to focus their mind on the present and work together, things would change very quickly.
Point 3: Fortunately or unfortunately, geeks do not have their mind on the present. They have thier minds in the future, the past, an alternate universe, or a fantasy world.
Point 4: Following from the previous point, geeks spend so much time in their heads that they don't remember such minor details as ordinary human interaction and thinking before speaking.
Point 5: The stereotype that geeks are unattractive may or may not be linked to point four, but it does confuse the good-looking geeks or those who hang around good-looking geeks.
Point 6: Fangirls and geeks are not necessarily the same thing. A fangirl obsesses over a person, real or imaginary, but need not have a brain or any special skills. This lack can be a good thing for those who fangirl real people. I know fangirl geeks, but I would not go so far as to say that a geek must be a fangirl or a fangirl must be a geek.

Thoughts? Objections? Additional points to make?
Not really pleased with this piece--it features the POV of sane!Sirius who is supposed to be a continuation from loopy!Sirius of Harry's Secrets. I have no idea if I wrote him plausibly. Other than that, it's a scene from the summer afterwards and I make a few plot-assumptions about the werewolfyness. Sirius and Ginny are suggesting I might continue the bit at the end, but I need inspiration, and to become convinced that I can write a post-insanity version of my crazier characters. That latter bit will require comments here, but I'm also going to practice it, so I might or might not be writing a heroic Nigel-death in the next few days. If he survives that scene, he'll be mostly sane and I can practice post-insanity.

Anyway, the story...
A Moment in Summer, 1994 )
This is one of my favorite writings from NaNo. Not my favorite--that honor goes to one which I'm sure is good and has follow-ups. This one I'd like to be good and might find myself inspired to write more of the same style. I'm not sure.
This goes halfway to a stream-of-consciousness trend in my recent writing. I want to know if it's working, although this isn't my most extreme example of it (which is also my favorite piece from NaNo--the main character is trying to find a reason to live after having achieved his life-quest for vengeance). Anyway, this one has been slightly, spontaneously renamed, so let's see what you think about:

On Pack Dynamics )


Feb. 26th, 2007 11:22 am
I hereby decree this the month of "I actually wrote this piece of dog excrement?" I'm going to go back to what I wrote in NaNo and edit it. My goals:
1) Figure out what the purpose of the scene was, and make it fulfill that purpose
2) Learn more about narrative structure so that I can try for a novel next time
3) Edit all scenes to sound less corny, horrible, etc. Some are already doomed for deletion, based on the sheer level of stupidity I managed with them.
4) Scenes I'm rather fond of, I'll post here or get someone to look at with minimal editing on my part. In those cases, I may be too fond of what I wrote to see it's flaws. For pieces of that nature, please please please comment if you like it or hate it or anything. I want to know the truth.
Anyway...won't necessarily be daily posting, but this is your advance warning.
People with low self-esteem are going to have problems with any type of criticism. If you say good things about what they’ve done/written/said, they’re going to assume you’re just saying that to be nice, unless they’re very proud of what they wrote. Even that pride only lasts for a few days. If you tell them bad things, they’ll accept it as their due and become even more convinced of their own lack of worthiness.
How do you handle the situation, then? Mixed criticism. Find something good to say about it, even just “you developed a great image here.” Then find something bad to say about it—and say it in a way that suggests improvement. “Do you think you could add dialogue here to explain X?”
Above all, say something, or the writer/artist will think they’re so horrible you don’t consider what they do worth looking at. And never assume that the person has high enough self-esteem to be able to take that.
I haven’t necessarily followed this yet, but I will try to follow this from now on, and I encourage you all to do the same.
My earliest memories are of a land of eternal sun, a home with a giant yard (at least, for a four-year-old), and trees and animals everywhere. These images have left their impressions on me in myriad ways, from the profound to the frivolous. Here are some of the results:
"Do you know any good paths to walk?"
It's nine o'clock, well past dark, and cold outside. That won't stop me, though. I need to go somewhere, anywhere, and if she doesn't want to come with me, I'll go alone, but I need to be outside.
I can feel the characters pressing in on my head, and I can barely keep them out. Why is it that my legs develop extra energy when my characters do?
Somewhere in the back of my mind, thoughts of a sunny yard and huge climbing trees powers me forward.
"Where's the snow!"
They probably aren't surprised by now, but no one's kicking me to shut up, either, so I continue.
"It has no right to be this cold without snow. Maryland/Connecticut/New Hampshire has snow, so why isn't it snowing?!"
Or, sometimes,
"The snow is supposed too stick. It's going to look so gorgeous out here all covered in snow. I want to see it snow!"
Someone should shoot Mugabe. I'd do it, but I'm not sure I could run a revolution afterwards. Besides, there's the risk the country would unite against the white outsiders (again), which will make it worse again. They'll kill themselves for a cause, which is better than dying because of the whims of their leader.
They need the revolution, but more than that they need the aftermath to work, or they'll end up just like so many of the other post-colonial or post-Soviet countries, unable to hold any but the most corrupt governments, or like France after its first revolution, caught in an unending cycle of execution and revolution.
I love Zimbabwe too much to let it come to that. What do I do to stop it?
I've been writing a lot lately, but not anything I'm ready to post here. Much of what I've been writing has been from a story-arc related to my current RPG. I could post that here, but I'm not comfortable doing so unless I have the permission of the rest of the group.
The rest of what I have is incomplete, mostly from my Harry's Secrets story. I could post the incomplete bits. However, when I do that, I do so hoping for feedback, and when I don't get feedback I sulk and wonder if no one wants to read anything I write. So if you guys want to see the updated story, e-mail me and let me know and I'll send bits to you as I write it. If not, I'll post the final version as soon as it's done--which will hopefully be by October so that I can prepare for this year's NaNo. I have a lot of ideas for it, so I just need to get them written.
Other stories will end up here if/when they're completed, so keep an eye on this space for more.
I'm not hyper yet. I should be, I really should be. I can't even figure out how to think about what it might mean yet, but there's this sense that once I get started, I'm going to be more hyper than Juno and Tasha combined. I'm...I think I'll be bouncing in a moment or two, and my brain is as focused as it can get. *bouncebouncebounce*
Why "deathly"? What does it mean?
I haven't gotten as much writing done since NaNo, due to exams, and I'm currently working on two deadline-stories, but I'm going to give a bit of an update anyway.
This first is just a character sketch from what I hope will be my NaNo novel next year.
What David's doing in the bar )

The rest are bits and pieces from Harry's Secrets that I didn't want to post out of order. I've caught up to it now. Some bits don't quite fit with the plot I've written before, but I'm going to spend the rest of the month (once I get these deadline-stories out of the way) editing and reposting all of it. So, here we have:

Reunion )

Attack on the Dorms )
I had a bit of an inspiration about how to cut across the transition in Harry's Secrets. So, this is a glimpse of the pack's mindsets during the four weeks that Harry and Ron aren't talking to Hermione.
A Transition in Five Parts
The Cub )
The Bookworm )
The Dog )
The Weasel )
The Wolf )
And the next scene I write for this should be when Harry and Ron talk to Hermione. We'll see if I can manage that.
OK, so I wrote something on Day 28, and I'm quite pleased with it, but I can't post it just yet. It could be called an epilogue to my "Harry's Secrets" story, and I need to be sure it doesn't have any spoilers. Beyond, of course, the revelation that a certain list of people survive to the end of the book.
So no postage for today, in case anyone was concerned.
OK...I'm really not convinced that this bit is very good. The problem is, my well-written scenes in this story--the ones I've thought through a lot before writing--are coming up, but I have to get to them.
The main problem, I think, is that Sirius wants to be inspirational now, so Remus (always quiet anyway) is overridden, and Harry doesn't have anything new to say until I get him talking to Hermione again. But Sirius isn't supposed to show up for this part!
Anyway, as per terms of my own bet, here's what I wrote yesterday. I'm hoping to improve today:
Learning to Fight Dementors )
Today was "catch-up day". I was on the train, so I had time to write enough to catch up to the amount of words I'd have today if I had written 1667 words per day all month. As a result, I have three different story-bits to share, two of which I'm rather fond of.
Sirius has been on my mind a lot lately, alternately as Insane!Sirius and Alpha!Sirius, both of which I need for my Harry's Secrets story. He didn't want me to write Harry's Secrets today until I cooperated and wrote him, so I gave in for the sake of actually writing something and this was the result (I promise, it's not quite as bad as the title suggests--I'd rate it PG-13):
Exsanguination, or, How to Right a Horrible Wrong )

Then I finally managed to settle down and focus on Harry's Secrets, at least briefly. I ended with a good lead-in to tomorrow's scene, but I just couldn't inspire myself to write it today.
On Being a Werewolf Cub )
Finally, Snape decided to intervene. I let him because it would be interesting to see how to write someone who hates my main characters, just to see through someone else's eyes. Maybe, eventually, I'll even be able to write villains. For now, though, just petty insults. This scene is set in my Harry's Secrets universe, sometime in OoP or HBP, probably in Grimmauld Place.
Wolfsbane Scene )

As a side note, why can't I move all this negativity into the story where I need it? "Harry's Secret" is supposed to be negative and untrusting, and all I can do is pump all of that elsewhere. How do I move it?
Finishing up winter should be a Dementor lesson, and if not included, assume I decided it was superfluous. We should be getting to some pre-written scenes very soon.
The beginning of winter )
And we have more "Harry's Secrets"...not as much as I expected, though. Never believe me when I set myself deadlines.
Christmas Day, Part Two )
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